Meet Jesiel! This cute maltese dog  is ready to wiggle her way into you home and heart. She is a sweet and beautiful little girl that is sure to draw a crowd when you are out and about. Jesiel will be sure to come home to you happy, healthy, and ready to play. She will be up to date on her puppy vaccinations and vet checks just in time to come to her new home. Don’t miss out on the newest addition to your family. She will be sure to steal your heart away.

Maltese puppies are the cutest and one of the most sought puppies online. This cutie is a very good companion.

maltese facts

The Maltese is thought to be among the most ancient breeds on the planet with records of them dating back 8000 years with poets and artists in pre-Christian times having made a reference to the Maltese in their works. What is thought to be a child’s toy of a Maltese was found that dates back eight thousand years and Charles Darwin having estimated the breed to date back to 6000 BC.

When it comes to how the breed came to be known as the “Maltese”, there is a lot of debate as to how this came about among scholars and breed enthusiasts alike. There are records of a town in Sicily known as Melita that existed in AD 25 from which many little dogs called Canes Melitei were exported. The Greeks and Romans referred to the Island of Melita, as being “Malta” and they found Melitei Dogs there too. As such, the ancient Greeks and Romans thought the dog originated on the Island of Malta, but there is no real evidence to prove this is true. There is, however, some evidence that a Roman Governor in Malta named Publius owned a Maltese and that Emperor Claudius brought the first ever Maltese to the British shores.

However, there are those who believe the breed is a descendant of a Spitz-type dog that was bred by people who lived in Central Europe. Because Malta boasts a central trading location, the breed found their way to other parts of the world including as far afield as China and South-East Asia where they were sold to nobles and royals by traders arriving by sea in their lands.

By the mid-1800s and early 1900s, breeders here in the UK thought the Maltese should belong to the Terrier group all thanks to their fearless and courageous natures. This together with the fact, the Maltese was a highly skilled ratter, reminded many of a terrier-type dog. However, not everyone agreed and so the Maltese was simply referred to as a “Maltese Dog” from there onwards.

Between 1859 and 1873, there were twenty-four Maltese dogs registered in The Kennel Club stud book. It was a time when Lady Giffard who was a huge fan of the breed, promoted these pure white dogs that boasted such silky coats and kind natures to other interested parties. Maltese dogs can be seen in many paintings and this includes of royalty with Queen Elizabeth I as well as Queen Victoria having been painted with their loyal white companions. They were painted by illustrious masters like Goya and Joshua Reynolds and it is thought Mary Queen of Scots owned one of these charming little dogs too.

The Duchess of Kent commissioned Sir Edwin Landseer to paint her little dog called “Quiz” and then commissioned the artist to paint another of her Maltese dogs called Lambkin. Over the years, these lovely looking little white dogs have become a firm and popular favourite with many people, not only here in the UK, but elsewhere in the world too.


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