We are a small family-owned chick selling good Pitbull puppies. Our main goal is to breed jovial and adorable Pitbull puppies for your caring homes. We’ve been in the Pitbull breed for several years now, we’re a trust-filled pet family. We are still concerned with the fitness, conformation and temperament of all our dogs. We are proud that our Pitbull puppies come from the best family that can raise puppies with love for dogs. Quality is our number one priority. We do this by meeting the breed requirements, maintaining good health and offering a caring and supportive atmosphere ~ thereby enabling a solid family companion with a caring, gracious disposition. Not only are we focused on producing the highest quality Pitbull from home to yours, we’re doing what’s needed to win your confidence and meet your standards long after receiving one of our Pitbulls. We’re dedicated to you and your killer for the dog’s survival. It’s all that this is the best thing to do. You should be assured that all the puppies are registered with AKC. We breed the best dogs by breeding with an established pedigree. Many generations of our own bloodline have given us more faith than ever in what we do.
Risen with Affection
Our puppies are brought up with affection. We spare no time or cost in raising our puppies. Price, not quantity, is our slogan. Both our puppies are sold as pets. We provide you with a written health assurance. Every day we spend time with each and every one of our pets. Our puppies are well socialized with a lot of people. All of our dogs have outstanding temperaments and personalities, not to mention the attractiveness of them. Thank you for looking at me!