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Our mission

We breed the best puppies for families in the USA and the world over

Premiumpuppiesforsale was conceived in October 2009 after the numerous frustrations I watched my parents go through to get me a labrador retriever puppy for my 14th birthday.They really had a hard time getting one. There were not very good reputable breeders around my area. Most breeders said their puppies were purebred, while they ran mills. The Great Dane puppy was finally gotten for me. Rex my first Great Dane died at the age of 8. It was very heartbreaking but I got to develop a love for home guardian puppies. Dog breeds like the American pit bull terrier, American bullies, Great Danes , Labrador puppies, and the Siberian husky puppies are all purebred by premiumpuppiesforsale. All are AKC registered and are up to date with their vaccinations. We make sure all puppies pass the premium puppy test before they go to their new owners. We have over the years spent immense time and other resources to make sure that the puppies our clients buy from us are nothing but the best. We have built a good reputation over the years as a top breeder of purebred Great Dane puppies, American pit bull terrier, American bullies, Labrador puppies, and the Siberian husky puppies. Our puppies are the best friends we have. If you intend to purchase a puppy from us, you could visit our farm or order online and get it delivered to you. Whichever fits your needs we will be available to offer your the best premium puppies for sale.

The role of a good breeder is to produce the best puppies available for sale. The Great Dane puppies that we breed are well mannered, calm, and gentle. Great Dane puppies are normally very huge and fearless. For us, the breeding process is key to make this little giant both fearless yet calm, and gentle to use as a family companion. Our American pit bull terrier and
American bullies are very well-bred. Like I earlier said the breeding stage for any puppy can not be overstated. The American pit bull terriers and American bullies are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and here in the USA. The Golden retriever Labrador puppy is the most popular dog breed in the USA.
Siberian husky puppies are also one of the cutest breeds, though not as popular as the most other dog breeds.

Premiumpuppiesforsale has as a goal to produce puppies that meet up the needs of Breeders as well as dog owners.

premium puppies for sale

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